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    Eicmation Control Valves System

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    Address:Andre-Citroen-Straβe 18, 51149 Cologne,Germany



    Support & Services

    You can rely on our additional services in the same way you rely on the quality of our products.

    Application Industry

    There are a large variety of valves and valve configurations to suit all services and conditions.

    DGU-NB Vacuum Flapper Valve

    The valve provides the user with a vacuum (dynamic sealing) and an ultra-high vacuum ( corrugated pipe). The driving mode can be divided into a pneumatic, an electric, a manual and an electric cylinder.

    Valve Principle: The spool is in the transmission mechanism. The reciprocating motion is carried out under the action of pushing and pulling, and the spool opens or retracts to realize the opening and closing function of the valve. After closing the valve can lock itself, and the sealing has a high reliability. The main applications of Eicmation’s vacuum flapper valve are in the steel,automotive,aerospace,energy,and electronics industries.

    Eicmation vacuum valves possess key technologies
    Unique spool design technology
    Precise housing welding technology
    Valve shell precision machining technology
    Damping technology for special valve plate steel plate sockets
    Valve and vacuum closed-loop control technology
    The valves have an average trouble-free service life of more than 100,000 cycles and are reliable in service.