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    Eicmation Control Valves System

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    Support & Services

    You can rely on our additional services in the same way you rely on the quality of our products.

    Application Industry

    There are a large variety of valves and valve configurations to suit all services and conditions.

    Support & Services

    Electric Power Industry

    Most of the electric power generated is generated in steam plants using fossil-fuel and high-speed turbines. Peeling back the cover of a modern power plant would yield a view of high-pressure, high-temperature piping systems. These main lines are the most critical in the steam power generation process.
    Gate valves remain a main choice for power plant on/off applications, although special purpose, Y-pattern globe valves are also found. High- performance, critical-service ball valves are gaining popularity with some power plant designers and are making inroads in this once linear-valve-dominated world.