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    Petroleum chemical industry

    The scope of valve used in petroleum energy  is broad, which mainly using pneumaticcontrol valve. pneumatic valve is EIC advantage product, with compactstructure, high service life.

    1.Sinopec Corp

    An enterprise name

    The project name


    Sinopec qilu petrochemical company

    The catalyst project

    Pneumatic full lined butterfly valve, ball valve

    Sinopec jinling petrochemical company

    The steam pipe system

    Pneumatic high temperature ball valve

    Sinopec shengli oilfield branch

    Chlor-alkali chemical projects.

    Fully lined with butterfly valves

    Sinopec jianghan oilfield branch company

    Form a complete set of drill/compressor

    Pneumatic high-pressure ball valve, cut-off valve

    Sinopec Shanghai gaoqiao petrochemical branch company

    Chemical water treatment system

    Pneumatic butterfly valve, solenoid valve

    Sinopec Shanghai jinshan petrochemical company

    Process piping

    Globe valve, pipe fittings

    2.Petrochina LT.D

    An enterprise name
    The project name

    Petrochina daqing oilfield branch

    Chloride iodine chemical projects

    Ball valve, globe valve, regulating valve

    Petrochina liaohe oilfield branch

    Natural gas purification project

    Flanged ball valves

    China petroleum natural gas company in jiangsu

    West to east gas pipeline project

    Pneumatic emergency cut-off valve

    Petrochina tuha oilfield in xinjiang

    Equipment renovation project

    Swing check valve, flanged ball valves

    China petroleum huabei petrochemical company

    Beijing yanshan project

    Pneumatic ball valve, regulating valve

    In the west-east gas line

    Long distance natural gas pipeline

    High pressure gate valves, high pressure cut-off valve, high pressure check valves

    3.China national offshore corp

    An enterprise name
    The project name

    Cnooc tianjin branch

    Deepwater oil exploration

    High pressure ball valve, pneumatic valve

    Cnooc, jiangsu branch

    The car clean energy

    High pressure ball valve

    4.Changzhou yabang group co., LTD

    An enterprise name
    The project name

    Changzhou yabang group co., LTD

    Chemical water treatment

    Pneumatic ball valve

    5.Shandong xinfa group

    An enterprise name
    The project name

    Shandong xinfa group

    Mix chlorine device

    Pneumatic drift diameter lined butterfly valves

    6.Helen, jiangsu petrochemical co., LTD

    An enterprise name
    The project name

    Helen, jiangsu petrochemical co., LTD

    EPTA project

    Regulating valve

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