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    China Eicmation

    Eicmation (EIC) entered theChinese market through the mode of agent sales in 2005. With the development ofthe business, in 2012 Eicmation.Co.,ltd ( referred to as EIC) invested in theestablishment of a wholly foreign-owned company in Shanghai: "EIC(Shanghai) Pipeline Control System Co., Ltd.", Shanghai EIC is the salesand inventory headquarters of EIC in Asia and is mainly responsible for the salesand services of EIC products in Asia. As the headquarters of the Greater Chinaregion, "EIC (Shanghai) Pipeline Control System Co., Ltd." has invested in the establishment of the following branchoffices/offices in China:

    EIC (Jiangsu) Pipeline ControlSystem Co., Ltd.", Located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, is an EIC domesticfactory responsible for system integration and warehousing.
    In addition, Jiangsu Company is also responsible for the sales ofEIC products in East China and South China.

     EIC (Beijing) PipelineControl System Co., Ltd.", Located in Beijing, is responsible for thesales and services of EIC products in Beijing,Tianjin,and Hebei city andDongbei four provinces

     EIC (Jinan) PipelineControl System Co., Ltd.", Located in Jinan, Shandong, is responsible forthe sales of EIC products in North China and Central China.

    EIC (Chengdu)Pipeline Control System Co., Ltd.", Located in Chengdu, Sichuan, isresponsible for the sales and services of EIC products in the Southwest andNorthwest.

     EIC (Urumqi)Pipeline Control System Co., Ltd.", Located in Urumqi, Xinjiang, isresponsible for the sales and services of EIC products in Xinjiang.

    In addition, we also have threemodern OEM authorized factories in China. As an inventory base in the Asia Pacificregion, some of our products are also exported to other countries in the AsiaPacific region and even to the European headquarters. Sophisticated productiontechniques and strict quality control systems ensure high cost-to-performanceration and can adapt to relevant international standards and Chinese nationalstandards. Although we provide customers with a cost-effective fluid controlproducts, but our company positioning is the technology service company.service is the first element. We always adhere to the "your satisfaction,our glory" service concept, we have always been committed to providingcustomers with first-class, fast industrial technology services.

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